Industrial Fabrication in Lake Worth, FL

Since 1962, Van Linda Iron Works, Inc. has been a trusted resource for industrial metal fabrication in Lake Worth, FL. We work with all types of companies—both domestically and internationally—providing turnkey fabrication that meets the specifications of all types of projects. Our experience ranges from one-of-a-kind prototypes to large, complex or complete units, to short or long production runs.

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  • International Experience

    Though we’re located in Florida and provide industrial fabrication services in Lake Worth, FL and to businesses throughout the region, our scope of abilities also extends around the globe. We’ve handled international projects for numerous global companies, coordinating everything from the logistics of serving your international presence to delivering the precision fabrication results you need.

  • Government Contracted

    We’re a government contracted metalworking company with a rich history of successfully completed contracts for various branches of the United States government. Our work is proven quality and recognized to meet the highest standards and expectations. Our resourcefulness and cost-conscious effectiveness on all projects means we’re equipped to meet the demands of any industrial fabrication project that requires our skilled expertise.

  • Our Industrial Capabilities

    There’s virtually no limit to our industrial fabrication capabilities. Our most frequent projects include builds like metal buildings, joists and deck jobs. We fabricate to meet the exact specifications of your project, allowing no defects or errors to pass to our final product. Whether you’re looking for infrastructure fabrication or need individual component assemblies created, we’re the industrial metalworking company that guarantees best-in-class results for you.

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Whether you require a unique prototype fabricated or are setting up for a long production run, our dedicated industrial fabrication specialists are here to assist you. Contact us today by calling 561-586-8400 to discuss the nature of your project and how Van Linda Iron Works, Inc. can assist you in seeing it through to completion.

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